Face to Face with Canada's People, Nature and Wildlife
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Foundation of Our Ethics:

The Circle of Respect, Consciousness, Sustainability and Harmony

The circle represents the continuity of the cycle of life for all living beings - human and non-human, that all things are connected and equal because in the circle there is no beginning and no end - a concept Wisdom Traditions have known for millennia.

In Native spirituality, the Medicine Wheel represents harmony and connections and is considered a major symbol of peaceful interaction among all living beings on Earth. The Medicine Wheel often represents

The four directions - East, South, West and North

The four winds and the four seasons

The four races with the colors Red, Yellow, White and Black

The four types of creatures that breathe

The four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water


If the Medicine Wheel teachings can create foundations for human behaviour, health, wellness and social interaction they can create foundations for new sustainable models in enterprise.

The drawings of the Medicine Wheel bring our vision to life

medicine wheel

In our western society we slowly come to an understanding that we require business models that are based on sustainability of the environment but also on the health of the people that inhabit the planet Earth.

The circle represents the continuity of this interdependence, coexistence and cooperation with people of different cultures, animals and plants and all beings with no beginning and no end.

Therefore, our vision is a holistic approach that involves all elements equally and in balance at all times.

This holistic approach brings all of us together

our people in the organization

our partners close and far

our appreciation of nature

our visitors experiencing our lands

"Face to Face with Canada's People, Nature and Wildlife"

This never-ending circle is life sustaining for all involved


This is how we - you and us together - can make a difference!


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