Face to Face with Canada's People, Nature and Wildlife
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Sharing Stories

We like to encourage all our readers, clients and partners to share their stories with us. Stories of travels together with us and our partners, unforgettable or fun memories, stories that relate in any context to one of our themes winter wonders, discovery drives, native encounters, cowboy experiences, nature secrets and adventure dreams.

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hoodoo family

"As we knew nothing about this wonderful country we decided to entrust Creative Western Adventures (CWA) with the organization of what was going to become a fabulous trip! CWA managed the delicate task of designing a 3 week action-packed trip in Western, and also in some parts of Eastern Canada. The whole trip was beautifully orchestrated, without a single glitch to spoil our experience. Vancouver, whales and killer whales, Calgary, Native people, nature, Tadoussac, Quebec, a two-day horseback pack-trip, a remote wilderness lodge, elks and bears, blueberry muffins and above all, the sunny weather! Let's not forget the prairie dogs and the salmon swimming up the river! Thanks again for this superb country, and above all thank you to the friendly trip organizers!"

Aisenberg family

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spirit bear

"It was early morning aboard the Island Roamer and I woke up to an amazingly loud unfamiliar sound coming from outside. I hurried up on deck to see a giant humpback surfacing out of the water on an early misty morning. With a gourmet breakfast already served, everyone comes up and sits in the wheelhouse enjoying the meal, while watching the loan humpback playing in the water. The sun reflects of the water, and through the mist, as we are the only people for miles around - a surreal moment. After we finished our meal, it was time to go ashore in the zodiacs for a short hike through the forest in search of the all-white Kermode bear. Xander, our skipper takes our group ashore and we then say hello to Marvin, a local native guide who is going to lead us through the forests to the bear stands that are situated above the nearby river. I take in the silence of the forest as we walk up to the stands, scanning the green forests for a glimpse of the white bear. We approach the stands only to see the clear river and hundreds of salmon spawning right in front of us. We find ourselves situated in the middle of a thriving eco-system. Marvin spots a black bear coming down the river towards us. I watch in awe as it feeds on the salmon not even paying the least bit of attention to us. About 20 minutes later it wanders into the forests. We are all quietly talking about the excitement of the spotting when all of a sudden we see it! The white bear lurks out of the forest. I was in complete shock, as I realize how rare of a moment we are all in. People start talking pictures as the Kermode posses perfectly on a rock in the middle of the river with the sun shining down him as if knowing he was being photographed. The satisfaction of the group was indescribable as some have waited years to spot the bear. It walked up and down the river playing with the salmon and rolling in the water. As the bear took one last look around, it slowly walked back into the forests and left us all speechless. As we leave the bear stands and head back to the boat, we keep our eyes peeled for another spotting! The zodiacs are waiting for us by the shore, ready to take us back to the Island Roamer and a full day of more excursions and great adventures. What a morning!"

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"I wanted to tell you that I heard from Ron Mack just the other day. He called to tell me what a wonderful time he and his wife and granddaughter had. He told me that it was the best vacation that they ever had (he has traveled extensively). I praised you and your staff very highly. He felt that you put the best effort into the entire itinerary. He said it was some of the little things that impressed him the most. The hotels were the best as far as quality, location and amenities. The travel times were exactly correct and the seats at the events were the best thought out. Just the fact that they were in the best seats for every event. He said that you really know your business. I am so glad with such positive news. Even with the little glitch at the ranch. He said that was worked out so quickly and quietly. Evidently the person at the ranch told him that whoever he talked to at Creative Western, put her in her place. I thank you again for such wonderful work. I will advise the staff in my office on the effortless work that you did for Mr. Mack and his family. I will try to pass on as much business as I can to you."

MP, Fox World Travel

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lake louise

"Finally I am writing to let you know what a wonderful time Tyler and I had. You and your group really did put together a wonderful trip for us. Lots for both of us to enjoy. I want to thank you for all the personal treatment that you gave us. It was so up and beyond the call of duty. Picking us up to take to the rental car. Calling Tyler's momma several times. Plus just knowing that you would be there for us if we needed you."

RG, Florida

"Merry Christmas! Days and months go by so quickly, but all the memories are very much alive. We reflect on this past year with much satisfaction. The trip to Canada was an incredible experience. Never will we forget the good times all of us from the choir spent together. The wonderful evenings - the songs - which at all times will revive almost painfully the most beautiful memories. Unforgettable are the magnificent hikes we undertook in the Rockies. As we only experienced little from your big country, we are certain that we've been there, we truly have sensed, tasted and walked through it. Every aspect of this trip was perfect, it was marvelous. Again thank you very much."

H and S, Yodel Choir, Switzerland

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"My husband and I met Hal Eagletail about 7 years ago on a trip to Canada from Australia. We went on a guided tour of the Tsuu T'ina nation. This is a day we will never forget and I will mark it as special as the birth of our children. Expectations aside, I came away with far more in knowledge, strength, peace, spirituality and a sence that we as people, together will make it through all obstacles no matter how hard the path may be. This wonderfull experience stamped in my memory has been retold many times. I would like to get in touch with Hal Eagletail if possible. Thanks"

AW, Australia


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